On-demand Technology

We build software solutions and applications with quality and speed.

The use of technology allows us to control what is happening around us and provides us with secure, consolidated, and consistent information to make intelligent decisions in real time.


We build teams specialized in technology so that you can carry out your projects.

Consultoría On-demand

Our team comprises professionals who understand the use of technology applied to business.

Ondemand Services

With our team of professionals, you will achieve your goals and enhance your company’s growth. We transform businesses in three ways.


We master technologies to deliver solutions with advanced and scalable architectures that follow the maturity and evolution of projects during their life cycle.


We adapt existing platforms for specific purposes, reducing costs and implementation times. We build multidisciplinary work teams according to the needs and targets of each project.


We provide consultancy for the development of digital solutions. We work with our clients to understand their needs and identify areas for improvement.

 Ondemand Technology

We are experts in digital innovation, and we turn your projects into reality.

We combine teamwork synergy with the best technological approach to achieve your company’s goals.

They trust us

Tailor-made, comprehensive and flexible solutions

We develop, implement, and monitor systems and applications in an agile and flexible manner.

+500 executed projects
+10 years of experience.
+65 clients
60 active work, and growing!

Feedback from our clients

“With Lubee, we were able to systematize our entire production process and stock management of raw materials and finished products, thus achieving full traceability. It was a lengthy project, but Lubee has proven to be up to the complexity of our processes.”

Dario Charlin – CEO | ISA Laboratorios

“Lubee is one of our technology partners, and we have worked together on several projects. We have achieved a solid and agile work synergy with multidisciplinary teams to face projects of various complexities. With their participation, we obtained a high degree of compliance from our customers.”

Leandro Bufi – Socio Gerente | Habito1

“Lubee is one of our reference suppliers when we have a software need within our company. They have provided value in every project we have completed, fulfilling our objectives and providing all their knowledge to exceed expectations.”

Daniel Vincenti – Gerente de Operaciones | Cushman & Wakefield

“With Lubee, we developed several systems, and we were able to address issues that we could not meet with our core business system. We need to maintain the reliability of the information, and for this, Lubee provided us with its expertise in achieving integrity with the core system and with the developments made.”

Matías Aguilera – Responsable IT | Opción Seguros